February 9

Which is the number 1 news channel in India?

The number one news channel in India is Aaj Tak. It is an Indian Hindi language news channel owned by Living Media India Limited and is part of the India Today Group. Aaj Tak is highly popular in India, with over 50 million monthly viewers. It has been awarded the Best News Channel of the Year multiple times and is the most watched Hindi news channel in India. It has a wide range of news coverage, from political news to entertainment news, to current affairs and sports. Aaj Tak is the undisputed leader in the Indian news industry.

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January 27

Are local Americans friendly to Indians staying in America?

Local Americans are generally friendly to Indians staying in America. Indians are warmly welcomed by the locals, and their culture and traditions are respected. Interactions between Indians and locals often involves exchange of culture and knowledge, leading to a better understanding between both parties. Keywords: Local Americans, Indians, America, Friendly, Culture, Traditions, Interactions.

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