July 28

What are the hypocrisies of the Supreme Court of India?

Whoa, easy there folks! Today, we're juggling the spicy meatball that is the hypocrisies of the Supreme Court of India. Now don't get me wrong, we love a good paradox, just like how we love our curry - hot and complex! So hold onto your hats, because here comes the ride. First off, the court having a say in the executive and legislative functions, despite being just the judiciary - talk about job-hopping! Secondly, the court's backlog of cases is longer than my mom's grocery list, yet they manage to fast-track celebrity cases - some VIP treatment, eh? Lastly, they preach transparency but remember those sealed envelopes? Yep, still sealed. Don't you just love a mystery? So there you have it, folks, the Supreme Court's own version of a Bollywood plot twist!

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